Mark Victor Hansen At The All-Inclusive Rythmia Resort

Mark Victor Hansen

Mark Victor Hansen is probably best known as the co-author for the Chicken Soup for the Soul book series and brand, setting world records in book sales, with over 500 millions books sold. Mark also worked his way into a worldwide spotlight as a sought-after keynote speaker, and entrepreneurial marketing maven, creating a stream of successful people who have created massive success for themselves through Mark’s unique teachings and wisdom.

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With his endearing charismatic style, Mark captures his audience’s attention as well as their hearts. Having spoken to over 6000 audiences world-wide with his one-of-a-kind technique and masterful authority of his work, time and again he continues to receive high accolades from his audiences as one of the most dynamic and compelling speakers and leaders of our time.

He is also a prolific writer with many popular books such as the Power of Focus, The Aladdin Factor, Dare to Win, One Minute Millionaire which has inspired and helped thousands of people the world over to become millionaires. Mark has also made a profound influence through his extensive library of audio programs, video programs and enriching articles in the areas of big thinking, sales achievement, publishing success and personal and professional development.

Mark’s energy and exuberance travels still further through mediums such as television (Oprah, CNN and The Today Show), print (TIME, US News & World Report, USA Today, The New York Times and Entrepreneur) and countless radio and newspaper interviews as he assures people everywhere that “with the right principles and mentors, you can easily create the life of your dreams.”

He is also known as a passionate philanthropist and humanitarian, working tirelessly for organizations such as Habitat for Humanity, American Red Cross, March of Dimes, Childhelp USA among others.Mark serves as of Chief Executive Officer of M.V. Hansen & Associates, Inc., Co-Founder of Chicken Soup for the Soul Enterprises, Inc. and President of One Minute Millionaire, LLC, and co-owner and founder of Natural Power Concepts.

Mark Victor Hansen is an enthusiastic crusader of what’s possible and is driven to “make the world work for 100 percent of humanity.”


Dates: MAY 28 – JUNE 4, 2017

Each of us has a great destiny to fulfill. If you’re alive, well and healthy yours is not finished. Mark’s heart-touching and soul penetrating style will awaken your latent talents, gifts, and abilities. During Mark’s presentation, you will discover the Master Keys that help you find and work on fulfilling your extraordinary destiny. You will be inspired to think bigger, achieve more, believe in yourself, and have more fun experiencing and expressing your true self. Mark will teach you the techniques that allowed him to achieve what others said was impossible.

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Mark will share with you how to create endless prosperity, like he has done again and again in his life.  He and his writing partner Jack Canfield were able to  manifest the  world’s best selling book series, Chicken Soup for the Soul, that has sold in excess of 500,000,000 copies, became a major product licensor, landed a weekly TV show, soon to be major movie, and became what Time Magazine called a “phenomena.”

Mark has innovated profitably five different industries by seeing the big unfolding trends.  You will learn the power of melding your greatest potential with the magnificent trending potentials of the world that are always in play. His presentation will awaken you to be able to duplicate what some of the most  the innovative marketers are doing now to make the greatest fortunes ever. He will explain how you, can if you want to, join the Exponential Digital Age of disruptive innovative  marketers—like Amazon, Google and the others are now doing. You are one idea, one connection, one influencer, and one team away from total abundance.

We have entered an age where everyone can find and fulfill their destiny, serving for the sake of serving, loving for the sake of loving, earning for the sake of making your life and the lives of those you touch, as magnificent as possible,  thereby contributing greatly to total humanity.

The time you experience together with Mark, will be a great gift to yourself, that can be shared as you move forward into your greatness.

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  • Michael Bernard Beckwith’s “The Answer is You” Life Transformation Program
  • Shiva Rea’s Prana Vinyasa Solar & Lunar Yoga
  • Gerard Powell’s Truthenomics Manifestation Program
  • Farm-to-table organic locally grown food prepared fresh daily
  • Fresh juices
  • Life Coaching
  • Licensed Psychological Counselors
  • Licensed Naturopathic Assistance
  • Massage
  • Day Spa
  • Costa Rican Volcanic Mud Baths
  • The Dead Sea Colon Hydrotherapy Cleanse
  • Meditation Instruction
  • Beaches
  • Bicycling

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