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Gerard (Gerry) Powell

Gerard (Gerry) Powell is a successful entrepreneur recognized for his innovative contribution to the burgeoning field of plant medicine. His unique approach to the psychedelic sector has positioned him at the forefront of its modern evolution. Through his dedication to strategic development and clear vision for the industry's potential, Gerry has played a pivotal role in advancing the accessibility of plant medicine to all. His thought leadership has not only influenced the industry's trajectory but also reached and positively influenced millions. 

Before launching Rythmia, Gerry's entrepreneurial talent was evident with My Choice Medical Inc., a company he founded in 2000. As the largest organized plastic surgery provider with 143 centers, My Choice Medical Inc. marked a significant achievement in his career. The sale of the company in 2004 underscored his capability for scaling and managing successful enterprises.

Despite achieving considerable business success, Gerry faced personal struggles that neither financial abundance nor conventional therapies could alleviate. It was a life-altering experience with plant medicine that catalyzed his healing journey and spurred the creation of Rythmia Life Advancement Center in Guanacaste, Costa Rica. Although plant medicine transformed Gerry’s life, he realized that journeying into the jungle unprepared, without medical support or guidance for processing his experience, was far from ideal. To change lives on a wider scale through the power of plant medicine, Gerry envisioned that a safe, accessible, and comprehensive approach, equipped with the conveniences of modern amenities, would be essential for reaching and helping the broader population.

Rythmia emerged as the world’s first and only medically licensed plant medicine center. Its one-of-a-kind acclaimed program facilitates deep healing and lasting change, all while guests enjoy luxurious accommodations in a serene and inspiring environment. The Rythmia Way program is underscored by a commitment to excellence in customer service, supported by a team of over 200 individuals—including skilled healers, shamans, medical professionals, and renowned guest speakers and instructors—all dedicated to providing supportive, one-on-one attention and service.

Under Gerry’s direction, Rythmia has become a pivotal destination for personal and spiritual growth and change. Having welcomed over 15,000 participants, Rythmia boasts an exceptional rate of positive reviews for its unparalleled safety and outstanding holistic team.

As a premier destination for personal growth, Rythmia has garnered acclaim with over 2,400 five-star reviews on TripAdvisor. The Rythmia Way Program is renowned for its distinctive and proven approach to healing and self-discovery, consistently delivering results. The program integrates metaphysical teachings, breathwork, yoga, organic meals, counseling, and plant medicine ceremonies facilitated by experienced shamans and overseen by professional medical staff. This proprietary formula facilitates a "soul merger"—an immersive experience that establishes a deep connection with one's innermost self within one week.

Rythmia's reach extends beyond the early adopters, touching the lives of a vast spectrum of individuals from all walks of life. This includes, but is not limited to, dedicated caregivers, educators, retirees, and those from various professional backgrounds, alongside celebrities, professional athletes, billionaire entrepreneurs, and hedge fund managers. All these guests unite in sharing testimonials of having experienced a life-changing miracle during their stay.

Leveraging the wisdom of his personal journey, professional success, and visionary foresight, Gerry shows continued dedication to positively impacting the world, one soul at a time, authoring two books, 'Sh*t the Moon Said' and 'Truthenomics.'

Gerry regularly delivers the About Your Miracle class, a core component of the 7-day Rythmia Way program.

For additional information about Gerard (Gerry) Powell, please visit gerardarmondpowell.com.

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