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The Rythmia Way program has led over 17,000 guests through transformational healing by fusing ayahuasca ceremonies and modern psychology. Book your life-changing consultation and embark on a journey of growth.  You're one decision away from transforming your life.  

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Over 98% of our guests report a monumental transformation they describe as a “miracle”.
Experience ayahuasca safely in the only medically licensed plant medicine resort in the world.
Integrate and understand your experiences with ayahuasca in daily classes with thought leaders.

Post-retreat integration in the RLife app: a free 13-week integration program to guide you when you get back home.

The Life Changing Rythmia Way Program

Transform Your Life With the Rythmia Way – a Highly Effective Program Fusing Ayahuasca Ceremonies and Modern Psychology

Medically-licensed for Unmatched Safety

As the only medically licensed plant medicine center in the world, Rythmia is the safest place to experience ayahuasca. Rythmia has two doctors, six nurses, an on-site clinic, and even a medi-vac helicopter to ensure the safety of our guests.

Time-tested Program for Life-changing Results

98% of guests report experiencing a miracle here. Every aspect of the Rythmia Way Program is rooted in empirical research, ensuring that your path to healing is grounded in methods that deliver.

Seasoned Healing Team

Participate in sacred ayahuasca ceremonies with renowned shaman who have helped over 17,000 people transform their lives. Experience the medicine reconnecting you with who you really are and the universe at large.

Integration Support

Understand yourself and integrate lessons from the medicine into your life as our expert practitioners guide you through a combination of modalities proven to advance healing. Continue 13 weeks of integration at home with the RLife app.

Luxury Amenities and Services

Engage with ayahuasca from the comfort of a luxurious resort. Newly renovated casitas, organic farm-to-table meals, healing massages, spa time, and the deep sea cleanse provide the ideal set and setting for you to work with the medicine.

All Inclusive Healing Modalities

Participate in four unique ayahuasca ceremonies, daily yoga, breath work, meditation, and an array of classes to make the most of your experience at Rythmia.

Embrace Miracles - Join Rythmia's 97%

a group of people sitting on yoga mats in a room
This was a life changing experience for me and my wife.

Robert's trip of a lifetime. Worth every penny. This was a life changing experience for me and my wife. The center had a great staff, accommodations and the best healthy meals we have ever had. They have it set up so that you will make many friends even though that was not our intention when we went there. The bonds created ended up being an important aspect of our experience. We are planning on going back next year. BTW, age doesn't matter.

Robert B

a woman sitting in a chair reading a book
This was the most amazing, life changing personal spiritual journey ever.

Epic, Life Changing Journey. This was the most amazing, life changing personal spiritual journey ever. Resort and attention to detail make this a plus five star experience . if you do one thing for yourself this year make it this. Choose you! choose the best, be in the world’s best retreat.

Dustine M

a group of people sitting around a pool
This place is everything I expected and so much more.

I'm thrilled! This place exceeds all expectations. Led by Gerry and Dr. Jeff, the incredible team ensures guests have an extraordinary experience. Rythmia is not just a place, it's a way of life. The surroundings are unparalleled, with spa facilities, outstanding cuisine, and top-notch amenities like the pool. I'm already yearning to return. Rythmia is mind-blowing, and I eagerly anticipate my next visit. My love and addiction to Rythmia are real. It's a lifesaver and a game-changer!

Nicholas D

This was the single most profound experience of my life.

Don’t think twice, just go! This was the single most profound experience of my life. Having the ability to truly feel emotions that I’ve had blocked for most of my life was so profound. I can’t thank everyone at Rythmia enough for truly helping me to change my life!

Alex P

Awaken to your highest potential through the Rythmia Way program. Transform your life through Ayahuasca ceremonies , yoga, metaphysics classes, volcanic mud baths, life coaching, hydrocolonic cleanses, Rythmic breathwork, massage, and farm-to-table organic food in an all-inclusive, luxury medically-licensed plant medicine center located in Guanacaste, Costa Rica.

Your Week-Long Rythmia Way Program Includes

Ayahuasca ceremonies
Nights luxury resort accommodations
Farm to table organic meals
Michael Beckwith's “The Answer is You”
Gerard (Gerry) Powell's “About Your Miracle”
Medical evaluations by staff physicians
Dance of Liberation movement ceremony
Healing Massage
Hydrocolonic cleanse
Yoga Classes
Rhythmic breathwork classes
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Lifetime access to the Rlife Integration App

Experience a Miracle at Rythmia

Transform Your Life at Rythmia