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A night time view of the sacred Maloca at Rythmia

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Imagine if you had a 98% chance of experiencing a miracle - a real shift in your life that redefines everything you thought was possible. At Rythmia, this isn't a vague promise; it's our reality. Over 98% of our guests report a monumental transformation they describe as a “miracle."

"There is no better way to spend your time and money. This is healing at the deepest level. The staff and medicine team are absolutely incredible, but this journey isn't about building your belief in Rythmia, it's about building your connection with your true self, and your spirit."

Rebecca G

"I was regularly self-harming due to PTSD prior to this trip... I faced some of my deepest fears. I learned to take care of myself and to love myself. 25+ years of depression, anxiety, self-harm, PTSD, nightmares, etc. and 1 week at Rythmia did more than 20+ years of medicine and psychotherapy."

Steph R

“Since going to Rythmia, I no longer drink alcohol and don't have an addiction, just don't need it anymore. I journal daily now. I do yoga every day now, I meditate every day now. I do ice baths, sweat lodges, breath work, eat cleanly and practice intention setting. To sum it all up, I love myself and take care of myself, mind, body and soul.

Tori B
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