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John Jacob Mubarak

John Jacob Mubarak has been a Teacher in Residence at Rythmia Life Advancement Center since 2017. He is an Author, Founder of Sacred Truth Tours, Agape Licensed Spiritual Therapist, Rythmia Integration Coach and Elemental Rhythm Breathwork Facilitator.

It is rare that individuals have a deep insight during their stay at Rythmia and do not require time to integrate that insight through deep work once they return home. As a passionate advocate for holistic healing, John Jacob integrates the power of your Ayahuasca experience at Rythmia with breathwork, psychology, science and ancient wisdom teachings with powerful processes that help guide you to integrate your ayahuasca experiences and translate them to profound personal and professional growth in your everyday life.

John is dedicated to sharing the Rythmia and Agape Universal Principles to help you continue your healing process and empower you to unlock your Infinite Potential and discover your interconnectedness with the divine and all of life. You deserve a life better than you could have imagined - the life the medicine may have shown you! 

When he's not teaching at Rythmia or working with private clients and groups, you'll find John Jacob immersed in the enchanting jungles or serene beaches of Costa Rica, embracing the essence of the Pura Vida lifestyle through activities like biking, hiking and camping with his dog Paco.

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Upcoming Events

MAY 11 - MAY 18, 2024

Sacred Truth: Uncover Your Most Authentic Self

Dive into the depths of your being and uncover the Sacred Truth within! Join John Jacob Mubarak in this transformative workshop, where ancient wisdom meets modern exploration. Through a fusion of spiritual practices, inner reflection, and plant medicine integration, you'll embark on a profound journey to reconnect with your authentic self. Explore the timeless principles of Acceptance, Joy, and Oneness as portals to unlocking your true essence and unleashing your fullest potential. Discover the power of liberation from limiting beliefs and the art of integration as you navigate the path to self-discovery and wholeness. Uncover the Sacred Truth that resides within you.

May 11, 2024

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