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Rythmia's ayahuasca-based, comprehensive transformation program is recognized as the world's best and safest place to work with ayahuasca. Enjoy luxurious amenities in a set and setting designed to give you a safe and productive place to heal. With a medical license from the Costa Rican Ministry of Health, Rythmia is the safest place for you to experience the profound change you've been seeking, with results that last.


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 of guests report receiving a life-changing miracle


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Gerard (Gerry) Powell, Founder and CEO of Rythmia, smiling for the camera

"I was healed from a lifetime of suffering. Today I am happy and free. Rythmia has helped 17,000+ souls receive their miracle."


Your 7-night stay includes:

Ayahuasca ceremonies
Nights luxury resort accommodations
Farm to table organic meals
Michael Beckwith's “The Answer is You”
Gerard (Gerry) Powell's “About Your Miracle”
Medical evaluations by staff physicians
Dance of Liberation movement ceremony
Healing Massage
Hydrocolonic cleanse
Yoga Classes
Rhythmic breathwork classes
Lifetime access to the Rlife Integration App

Workshops with today’s top thought leaders

Rythmia’s primary and most requested program is called going deeper with plant medicine. After going deeper with plant medicine the next most requested weeks are thought leader weeks.

“I just love it. I love what's happening here. If you're called for advancement in your own life, you want to think of Rythmia.”

Portrait of Rev. Michael Beckwith, guest speaker and board member at Rythmia

17,000+ Souls Healed

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Rythmia is the #1 customer-rated healing center in the world on Tripadvisor with over 2,500 five-star reviews.

Miracle delivered and then some.

How can you explain a life-changing event? While the amenities and such are all very nice, the main reason to come here is if you are looking for a miracle. I have been fundamentally changed. Mother Aya turned me inside out, emptied my resentments, anxieties, people-pleasing, judgements, criticisms and self-doubt and replaced it with pure love, joy and gratitude. This is only recommended for people who are serious about going deep, healing and rebooting their lives. I've already booked my next trip. The staff are incredible, helpful and accommodating. I'm usually a jaded New Yorker, but this has turned me into a believer. Pura vida!

Rhea W

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It’s a wonderful place in every way. Don’t hesitate, just go.

This is one of the most life affirming and transformational experiences/places I’ve ever visited. If you want to learn about who you are and see who you can become, go to Rythmia. There is a growth you can attain that you will call a miracle if you experience Rythmia for yourself. The things you learn at Rythmia will allow you to create your own program for a wonderful life. I’m a staunch skeptic about most things and I must say this place is is the real deal and I recommend booking your trip today 🙏🏽

Rich V

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A Life Changer - If You Feel You Are Being Called, Go!

For seekers being called to do the work, there cannot be a better place for your plant medicine journey. In addition to true, traditional ceremonies with authentic shamans of extensive lineage, Rythmia's system of preparation and integration is key, with supplemental coursework, breathwork, yoga, spa, and whole-food organic meals...in a medically-staffed resort setting. Rythmia provides a comfortable and safe setting for you to go deep, and change your life.

Stephen M

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Great retreat at Rythmia — would go back again

My week at Rythmia was one of the best weeks of my life. I didn't exactly know what to expect going into it. I had never had any psychedelics let alone weed or anything like that. I also haven't been to general wellness or yoga retreats before either. Every aspect of the retreat exceeded my expectations from the plant ceremonies, the food, the yoga, and the breathwork sessions. I would highly recommend Rythmia to everyone and would love to go back again.

Harry W

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Transormative Experience

This place is unreal. Everything you've read about receiving a miracle is spot on. 5 star service, intuitive staff, amazing food, and accommodations along with wonderful shamans all add up to the ultimate place to experience your own incredible journey. Surrender, attend all the classes, relax and enjoy. Don't be mistaken, this is hard work, but anything worthwhile is.


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A Life Changing Experience

It was an unexpected, amazing and life changing experience. The staff was wonderful, the location beautiful, the amenities perfect, the food fabulous and teachers/leaders VERY knowledgeable and helpful whenever needed. The ceremonies where superbly done with leaders and staff to ensure the utmost experience for everyone. I plan on going back and would recommend Rythmia to anyone who wishes to make life long friends and to grow and better themselves.

Jen A

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This is Where Miracles Happen

Coming to Rythmia was the best decision I’ve ever made. I expected a miracle because my soul called me there and that is exactly what I got! I am eternally grateful for the opportunity to come! Thank you to Gerry and to all the beautiful staff! I am so incredibly happy that I found myself and healed my heart! Because that’s what happens when you come here!! I recommend this place to every single person I know and don’t know!!!

Amy S

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MD review

I am so thankful I came to witness a true physical, emotional, and spiritual healing of others and finding such spiritual balance for myself. It is truly medicine rather than "psychedelic drugs". It doesn't deserve that stigma based on what I have seen. The place is beautiful, the staff are amazing, and the food is delicious. I can't wait to refer patients here.


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A week you will never forget.

Incredible experience. Amazing facility. Even better staff. Life changing. I highly recommend taking the leap and visiting Rythmia. There is something very special about this place and will 100% return!

Matthew S

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The best gift I've ever given myself.

I went in expecting that I might get some nice insights, see some great visuals, meet some nice people, and enjoy a week in Costa Rica. I never thought it would be the most transformative week of my life. Already booked to come back next year.

Doug C

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This is the most MAGICAL place on earth. My experience was extraordinary. The medicine ceremonies were profoundly life changing and the intimate treatment you recieve from the staff was so touching. I highly recommended this experience for anyone who feels called.

Kristi G

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Amazing, Life-Changing Experience!

I loved everything about the Rythmia experience. The casitas were very comfortable and clean; the staff were awesome; the food was amazing; the program was life-changing; the people I met there will be friends for life. It got me seriously considering moving there!

Bernadette R

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Transormational Experience

My experience at Rythmia was transformational. A unique experience to connect with my soul and the mother nature and heal. Amazing people helping you going through the journey with love and compassion. So grateful.

Giselle P

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Truly Incredible Experience

Rythmia exceeded all expectations. The entire staff was amazing, the food was great and the ceremonies were life changing. I ended up staying a second week. All in all it was a truly incredible healing experience. Thank you!

Taylor P

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