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The Rythmia Way Program, a data-driven, step-by-step methodology for reconnecting with your Soul

How did you become involved in Rythmia?

I met Gerry Powell, the CEO of Rythmia when I was the Administrative Director of a drug and alcohol rehabilitation center in Malibu, California, called Passages. Gerry came in as a patient, and I supervised his inpatient care for 60 days.

I then worked with him after his discharge from Passages for 5 years before he tried plant medicine. When Gerry had his breakthroughs during his plant medicine experience in Costa Rica, I was on a plane within a matter of weeks to see for myself what he had gone through.

I had my first plant medicine experience with the same shaman as Gerry, which completely changed my life. It was at this time that Gerry and I decided to open a facility that served plant medicine in a medically licensed way to people in a safe and clean environment.  

For the next 6 months, we searched the entire country of Costa Rica and eventually purchased the property in Hacienda Pinilla, Guanacaste, Costa Rica, where Rythmia is located.

What does Rythmia mean to you?

Rythmia bridges the Western medical/therapeutic model and ancient shamanic healing practices of the Indigenous world. Rythmia facilitates a new paradigm for healing from trauma, depression, anxiety, and other disorders and life shifts that guests seek in their personal journeys.

What is the difference between going on a retreat and going through a transformation program?

Retreats usually allow for personal transformation to occur through the participant’s own direction. Rythmia’s transformational program is a very specific and detailed step-by-step methodology to help guests obtain what we call a “miracle.”  

The miracle is achieved by following our class and workshop schedule, participating in all the modalities we offer (yoga, breathwork, plant medicine, etc.), and going deep into their own process that leads to a soul merger.

What is the Rythmia Way program?

The Rythmia Way is a program based on specific downloads the CEO and Owner of Rythmia, Gerry Powell, received while under the influence of plant medicine. These downloads outline the methodology necessary for an individual to receive a “soul merger.”  

The program is comprised of various classes, ceremonies, workshops, and sessions that teach the three intentions that each guest can focus on to obtain their goals.  

These three intentions of the Rythmia Way are:
1. Show Me Who I’ve Become,
2. Merge Me Back With My Soul At All Costs and
3. Heal My Heart.  

These intentions, when followed, will empower the individual to learn about their ego, no longer live in a disconnected state, and heal past traumas that are blocking them from being vulnerable in healthy ways and succeeding in life.

What makes this program stand out?

Rythmia is a data-driven program that looks at process and outcome data to fine-tune its methodology in order to create a way of reliably obtaining the highest success rates. The combination of informational classes and integration workshops helps provide guidance and understanding of the plant medicine experience.

What are some of the most profound transformations you have seen first-hand? Can you share 1-2 inspiring examples?

People with so-called “personality disorders” who come from a Western mental health diagnostic model are told by their therapists and doctors that their personality disorder cannot be cured, that it is who they are, and that they are stuck with it. The best they can do is manage their symptoms and hope for the best through a lifetime of therapy and psychotropic medication.  

I have seen countless cases where guests arrive at Rythmia with these diagnoses, are feeling desperate and overwhelmed by their therapeutic history of failure, and by the end of the week, have self-reported that they have broken free from the thoughts and behaviors that led to these mental health conditions.

I have listened to many guest testimonials that they have overcome many personality disorders and, through post-Rythmia follow-up, have confirmed that they have stayed in a healthy frame of mind and behavior style afterward.

We have had a number of guests who report being on the spectrum of autism do exceptionally well at Rythmia. These guests report feeling a stronger sense of self, feeling more capable of social interaction, having self-confidence boosts, and obtaining a level of personal clarity they have never felt before.

To someone apprehensive about plant medicine or taking the leap to book the program, what advice would you share on why this investment is worth making?

Ayahuasca is an extremely safe plant medicine for those medically cleared to consume it. Plant medicine works with you where you are and helps facilitate the healing process needed to be successful and happy in life.  

Rythmia is a place where people come to heal themselves, merge with their souls, and make a change in the world. Through this program, most will see that they are a light worker and light warrior—people who, after reconnecting with their souls and awakening, understand that their role is to illuminate darkness present in the world and help humanity reach a higher level of consciousness—through the personal process of continued healing and transformation.  

At the end of the week-long program, many guests say they would have spent any amount of money to obtain what they just experienced. This is an investment in yourself, and that investment is worth making. You deserve it!

Read more tips from Dr. Jeff here. Interested in The Rythmia Way program and plant medicine? Book a free consultation with one of our Senior Guest Consultants to learn more.

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