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My Personal Story about Plant Medicine Healing at Rythmia

When I decided to participate in Rythmia's Ayahuasca plant medicine ceremonies in Guanacaste, Costa Rica, I was driven by a strong desire for personal change and insights into the root causes of my many fears, self-doubts, and insecurities. I completed many hours of formal therapy in the past, but I still felt stuck in life and weighed down by stress and constant worry. Prior to my birth, my parents sadly left their own families, and immigrated to a completely different country from their own out of necessity. As a result, a lot of unresolved trauma affected my childhood and continued to affect my thinking patterns. Despite my worldly success, my past created a heavy heart, and my relationships suffered for it. A friend told me how one week at Rythmia changed his life forever and although a bit scared and unsure, I decided to give it a try.

Arriving at Rythmia, my intention was to free myself from all this, from the barriers, the weight, and the self-doubt and insecurity. My life was dotted with moments where it felt I was not the one driving, and the car kept turning into the same, self-sabotaging direction. I wanted to understand the nature of this, and begin to take control and live a full and fulfilling life. My initial hesitations were immediately comforted knowing that Rythmia is a licensed plant medicine facility with full on site 24/7 medical staff, and a team that prioritizes safety above all else.

During that unforgettable week, I took part in four powerful Ayahuasca ceremonies. Within this deeply healing experience, I found the answers and guidance I have been looking for. I was finally able to let go of a lifetime's worth of pain and negativity. All of a sudden, the mud that was bogging my life down ceased to affect me. And I felt a tremendous sense of liberation and freedom. Miraculously, four days did for me what years of therapy couldn’t.

In the depths of this profound journey, I found moments of incredible beauty where I felt a deep connection with myself and my loved ones. Memories resurfaced, and as I released anger, disappointment, and trauma, I had many unexpected realizations and AHA moments. The truth was, I could not change my particular life circumstance, but with the insight gained at Rythmia, I found the power I needed to shift my perspective.

During my experience, there were brief moments when I felt fearful, but compassionate healers sat beside me, using chants and healing ointments to comfort my mind and body. I knew I was being taken care of and to them, my wellbeing was important—and in short time, the fear became calm.

Looking back, the fourth and last ceremony was the most unforgettable. A group of live musicians played until sunrise, and after the ceremony, I felt completely restored and changed. I gained absolute clarity and understood the path I had taken in life. I reconciled with my mother and appreciated her selfless dedication to my well-being. I gained insight into my daughter's physical afflictions, which had troubled me for years. In one great moment of clarity, I chose my husband over and over again.

Ayahuasca revealed with great clearness how I had been living my life and what I needed to change.

Over the week, I also witnessed the transformation of my fellow peers. Some dealt with the loss of loved ones, battled addictions, faced mental health challenges, or sought a new direction in life. As they shed their old selves, they became more energized and authentic. We danced, sang, and embraced each other. During a shared reflection after a ceremony, someone cried, "I am truly alive!"

Beyond the Ayahuasca experience, integration workshops at Rythmia helped me process my journey, and activities like breathwork and yoga helped me achieve a state of mindfulness and presentness that had been absent from my stressful daily life of obligations and work. I felt a great sense of release and a new appreciation for the mundane tasks of life. Going back to work was not met with a sense of sadness but a renewed energy and desire.

Describing the magnitude of my Rythmia experience within the limits of this page is impossible. There is so much more to explore, and it's important to acknowledge that each person's journey is unique and personal. In essence, it was a profoundly productive, spiritual week filled with magic and wonder—an experience that exceeded all my expectations.

If you've considered attending Rythmia Life Advancement Center, I say, just do it! It has the potential to transform your life and provide the miracle you may be seeking. I know it did for me.

Wishing you a path illuminated by love and light,

Jennifer R.


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