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The Fastest Way to Your Miracle with Dr. Jeff

Did you get your miracle? That's something we say here at Rythmia. What that's asking is, did you learn who you've become? Did you get a new heart, and have you reunited with your soul? That's the goal of our program.

We believe many diseases, mental health issues, addiction, and unhappiness result from being unplugged from the soul and emotional self. Rythmia aims to help you get plugged back into yourself from within. You don't need outside interventions like medications, lifetime therapy, a psychiatric hospital, or to open up to people you don't trust or don't have your best interests in mind. Our center's program, staff, and guest speakers aim to teach you how to get everything you need from yourself in a safe environment.

The vibe here is to create an atmosphere of love and safety where everyone can do the work within themselves and go as deeply as needed in a supportive environment. We are the only licensed facility in the world to help you achieve this with plant medicine.

The Fastest Way to Your Miracle

I have seen at Rythmia and in my own life that the route to get clarity, have peace, and get what you want out of life doesn't have to be drawn out. Why is the Western medical model drawn out for so long? Long-term therapy is a good example. There is a money-making angle built into the Western model. The field of psychiatry and psychology in mental health draws out the process for months and years. If you are sick of that, our Rythmia model turns that on its head.

At Rythmia, I see people receiving their miracles every single day. I see them find the clarity they need in the one to two weeks they are here. There's necessary follow-up and aftercare, of course, but our program helps people plug in, focus on their goals, and be successful in their healing process as soon as possible.

Western Medical Model vs. Plant Medicine

The Western medical field is built on a model that prolongs therapy for as long as possible. I have a lot of background working in addiction, and I am astounded that the addiction recovery method tends to have a punishment vibe. We can agree that people who have struggled with drug and alcohol addiction have likely hurt people in their lives. Many even have a criminal record. They are not functioning well in society. The bottom line is that when someone has an addiction, the typical route is to enter rehab for 90 days, follow it up with a lengthy 12-step program, and possibly take medication. The "addict" becomes their identity. But in reality, that's not who they are as a person. It doesn't define them. It's a dysfunctional track they need to break free from.

What I love about plant medicine is that people recovering from addiction can reset and regenerate their neurochemistry and unfold opiate receptors as quickly as possible. This reset can happen in a couple of days!

If an addict has destroyed their life and is trapped in a web of pain, they don't need to learn a lesson through a very long, drawn-out recovery program; they need a loving environment where they can heal as quickly as possible to get back on track. When they come to Rythmia, they must be off drugs and alcohol ahead of time, but the program offers life-changing miracles to those individuals needing to break free from a destructive web quickly.

The fastest way to your miracle is the Rythmia way and plant medicine, which shows you who you've become, gives you a new heart, and reunites you with your soul. When you do that, you resolve all the other questions and intentions in that paradigm.

Clean Up Your Trauma with the Rythmia Way

Suppose you've had a history of trauma, such as child abuse, and you've done intensive therapy and self-work through many holistic modalities. In that case, you may wonder if the plant medicine stirs up things you've already worked on. The answer is no. It will dust off the things you've worked on and clean them up more thoroughly. For example, I had a construction clean-up company for many years in Hawaii. My crew would come to clean up the worksites and make them shiny and new. You come to Rythmia and clean up the dust around the things you've already worked on so you can fully transform your life and let go of the old traumas.

Reset Your Neuropathways with Plant Medicine

For those who haven't worked on any of their traumas, Rythmia helps you clear this up in one to two weeks. You will have a fantastic breakthrough and incredible clarity. If you've had old or recent trauma, it affects how you behave in your current life and can influence your decisions and patterns. At Rythmia, you get to look at all this, process it, and analyze it.

Your subconscious brain shouldn't hold onto irrelevant emotional trauma from childhood because you are not five anymore; you're an adult and don't need those fight-or-flight emotions to kick in whenever you try to trust yourself or others.

The beauty of our program is that it allows you to work on all those issues and resolve them as quickly as possible. The Rythmia Way program and its use of plant medicine are effective because of a neurochemical response. Neurochemistry is important for mood, emotions, and our connections to ourselves and others. It's in our brain and spinal cord, and it's the juice that allows us to process stimuli. If someone is genetically born with a low level of dopamine, they may have depression, or if they have high serotonin levels, they may have anxiety. People with substance abuse, or those who experience increased stress or aren't eating or sleeping well, become imbalanced, and their neurochemistry is affected. Genetic and lifestyle components alter neurochemistry; plant medicine helps us push the reset button. After our program, people don't need to depend on the same Band-Aids they used before, like Xanax, antidepressants, Ambien, or half a bottle of vodka to sleep. They will have the ideal neurochemical balance to deal with their issues naturally.

Is Quick Healing Possible?

I came from 25 years of working in the psych world, and when I helped open Rythmia, I was skeptical that one week would be enough for my patients to heal. I was used to having patients for a 90-day recovery program or seeing my patients in private practice for the long term. I was taught this at UCLA and in my traditional healthcare training. I've seen at Rythmia that incredible change can happen within 1 to 2 weeks. It's an astonishing process that happens quickly. We don't have months and years to work on high-risk struggles like addiction. People with depression and anxiety are trapped NOW; they want out NOW. They don't want to wait 5 or 10 years to feel better. What's wrong with that? We want to heal ourselves quickly and move forward with our lives.

Every single day, I am astounded by the results I see. If you are nervous about this work, it's normal. Every person I do my intake with is nervous. That's natural and expected because this life-changing experience gets you back on track with who you are and will plug you back into your authentic self so you can fully heal!

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