Rythmia Life Advancement Center


1. The start date, is the day we receive the first of your three referral deposits. You will be notified via email each time a deposit is made on your behalf.

2. You have thirty days to recruit three guests from the time that your first referral makes a deposit. This must be the first trip to Rythmia for all three of your referrals.

3. All three guests are required to make their $500 deposit and final payment is due from all three guests 14 days after their date of deposit. Example: If your three friends John, Mark and Julie decide they want to participate and John deposits on March 1, Mark and Julie need to deposit by March 31. John’s final payment will be due March 15. Mark and Julie’s final payment will be due 14 days after their deposit no later than March 31. Assume they both deposit on March 31, their final payment will be due on April 14.

4. Once all three final payments are made, you are eligible to book your FREE 7-night stay. You will receive an email advising you of your free trip. You have up to one year to book and use this free trip. Example: Final payment for your third guest is made on April 14, 2017, you have up to April 14, 2018 to book and use your FREE 7-night stay.

5. Blackout Dates: We will not book FREE 7-night stays when the following special guests are on site – Taita Juanito, Michael Beckwith, Foster & Kimberly Gamble and Kyle Cease. 2018 Dates are TBA.