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Ben Decker

Ben Decker is a world-renowned meditation teacher, activist, and the best-selling author of Modern Spirituality: A Guide to the Heart of Mindfulness, Meditation, and the Art of Healing, as well as three other international bestselling books on meditation.Ben is the host of The Modern Spirituality Podcast. Having participated in over 70 ayahuasca ceremonies with positive life-changing effects, he is an advocate for plant medicine as one part of a holistic lifestyle strategy.

His workshops are designed to help maximize the plant medicine experience based on the tools and techniques he himself finds so beneficial with an emphasis on preparation beforehand, present moment awareness while on the medicine, and proactive integration strategies.

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March 17 - 24, 2024

March 17, 2024

September 22 - 29, 2024

September 22, 2024

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