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Feeling called to Ayahuasca plant medicine, or simply curious about the ancient healing plant everyone is talking about?

Then, watch our expert-led discussion covering a range of important questions on this topic. 

Questions include: 

  • 5:52 - Why is Ayahuasca so popular? 
  • 8:01 - What are the benefits of Ayahuasca? 
  • 13:50 - What is the difference between Ayahuasca and other psychedelic medicines? 
  • 19:10 - What happens to the brain when you take Ayahuasca? 
  • 29:25 - Who should consider drinking Ayahuasca? 
  • 32:19 - Who shouldn’t drink Ayahuasca? What are the contraindications? 
  • 36:45 - Is Ayahuasca safe? Can you have a “bad trip”?  
  • 46:00 - What sets Rythmia apart? 
  • 52:19 - How long does it take to recover after an Ayahuasca ceremony?
  • 54:17 - Do you have to drink Ayahuasca multiple times or is once enough? 
  • 56:29 - What is the role of intention setting? 

This Q&A style session is led by Dr. Jeff McNairy, Chief Medical Officer at Rythmia, Benjamin W. Decker, world-renowned meditation teacher, author, and host of The Modern Spirituality Show, and Dr. Mariana Rojas, Holistic Manager at Rythmia.

Interested in learning more? We’ll be releasing an article next week with answers to all the questions we didn’t get to. Or, book a free consultation with a Rythmia Guest Consultant, today! 

Enjoy the Webinar! 

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