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Exploring the Intersection of Plant Medicine and Addiction Treatment with Dr. Jeff McNairy on The Everyday Warrior Podcast

The Everyday Warrior Podcast, hosted by Mike Sarraille and presented by Men's Journal, consistently features insightful conversations with high achievers and innovators. In Episode 88, Rythmia's Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Jeff McNairy, is featured, highlighting his role as an innovative leader within the plant medicine space.

Dr. McNairy, with his extensive expertise in both traditional and alternative mental health practices, delves into the transformative role of plant medicines, particularly ayahuasca, in the realm of addiction treatment. A fervent proponent of the holistic approach to long-lasting transformation, this episode showcases his deep commitment and enthusiasm for bringing systemic change in the accessibility of these healing modalities.

In this thought-provoking discussion, Dr. McNairy emphasizes the significance of combining plant medicine with clear, positive intentions to enhance the transformative journey. He explains that this approach is vital for both reinforcing the insights gained during the Rythmia Way Program and ensuring a stable and continuous integration process for participants after they return home from their experience.

Key highlights from the episode include:

[01:01] Dr. McNairy's journey as a plant medicine advocate.

[05:23] His deep dive into medical anthropology.

[09:11] Utilizing plant-based treatments for addiction and trauma.

[11:23] The critical role of a supportive environment and community in self-realization.

[14:32] How plant-based medicine can reduce pharmaceutical dependency.

[19:57] An in-depth look at how Ayahuasca works.

[24:13] The significance of self-reflection, intention setting, and surrendering in the healing process.

[27:35] Therapy treatment schedules.

[34:07] The importance of aftercare.

[37:11] Discussion on guest return rates and word-of-mouth success.

[40:05] Kelly Slater's transformative experience with Rythmia.

[41:41] Healing through self-love and empathy.

Listen to the full podcast here.

Join Mike Sarraille and the Everyday Warrior team at Rythmia

From January 7 - 14, 2024, Mike Sarraille and the Everyday Warrior team will continue this dialogue with Dr. McNairy in-person at Rythmia. During this time, they will also be filming an innovative documentary on the impact of plant medicine in healing trauma. 

Concurrently, Michael Bernard Beckwith will be the guest speaker, presenting his renowned workshop, 'The Answer is You.' Participants will have the opportunity to explore concepts like life visioning, prosperity, abundance, and living abundantly, while getting to meet and journey alongside the Everyday Warrior crew.

To join Mike and the Everyday Warriors, schedule a call with one of our dedicated guest consultants here.


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