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Q&A with César Millán: Animal spirits, integration and lessons from Ayahuasca

As an expert who trains people and rehabilitates dogs, César Millán highlights the importance of clean and healthy energy, which enables him to teach his philosophy centered on trust, respect, love, honesty, integrity, loyalty, connection, and communication. Watch this video to learn more.

César, can you share with us your first experience at Rythmia?

“My first experience at Rythmia came out of a huge necessity to take a break. I took the break, and I felt cleaner. I felt very clear in my mind and I was in touch with my spirit, my instinct, my heart, and my mind for the first time.

And of course, I met Gerry [CEO, Founder of Rythmia] and him being a Virgo, we connected at a very profound level. He has the same goals as I do, which is to be better humans for a better planet, and I became a better human for sure.

Plant medicine is known for bringing about profound spiritual insights. Can you describe any visions or understandings you had related to animals or animal spirits during your experiences?

“I already had an understanding with animal medicine, so I already had an understanding about connection, communication, relationship with Mother Nature via live animals. With plant medicine, you see animals helping you with a spiritual and an emotional connection. Plant medicine also helps if your mind is a little bit confused or sometimes,  if the body needs healing.

I have seen my mom being a buffalo, I was a little calf, and we were protecting the herd. That had to do with my mother and I protecting the love for the family, and I was her helper. We were both buffaloes going against the male blesser, which was beautiful. It gave me a lot of joy and a sense of reality, because I have five siblings, but my mother and I were taking care of the herd and that was beautiful.

When I'm in the ceremony, I see people as animals. We are all wounded, but some people are lions, some people are buffaloes, and some are hyenas. People are just different animals in the ceremony, and I can see them clearly. They're not just healing the human in them, but they're also healing the animal that they were at one time and that's a beautiful thing to watch.

I learned about patience when an anaconda came for me. She took me on her back, and she first took me to the oldest tree in the Amazon and told me that the tree was going to teach me how to breathe. That was the most beautiful lesson I’ve ever seen in my life.

Then she brought me to the circle because it was on a Thursday. As I was waiting for my turn, my impatience came back. That’s when three eagles came and took me to wait on top of a tree. When it was my turn, they brought me back, but I got impatient again.

Then, the Anaconda gave me one of her eggs and said, “please take care of it.” At that moment, I felt so much patience, so much peace, so much silence, so much calmness. So, I waited my time for my healing and that was amazing. When the shaman came to ask me how I was doing, I described my vision and I remember the shaman said, “so you're doing great!” And I said, “absolutely!””

How has the use of the Ayahuasca medicine changed or enhanced your perception of your own spiritual path?

“The use of the medicine has offered a deeper connection to my spiritual awareness. I credit this to the rebirth I experienced during my last visit. It has also helped me in my career, because the cleaner I am, the purer I become for the animals and I can hold the energy of calm, confidence, love and joy for a longer period of time.

And of course, the medicine has also helped me to understand love better and love myself better, therefore, my mind is more rooted in reality instead of stories. It has affected my four worlds, which I call the spiritual world, the instinctual world, the emotional world, and the intellectual world. The medicine has affected all in such a positive way, to the point that I can see people where they're stuck, either in a spiritual trauma, an instinctual trauma, an emotional trauma or if the mind is stuck. I can see that easier.”

What drew you to Rythmia and how did it change your life?

“When I was filming my show “Better Human, Better Dog”, one of my staff became a sound guy for an episode with Bobby Brown. He had learned how Bobby really, really, really loved Rythmia, and when I was talking about safety, peace and love; and when I was talking in the show about trust, respect, love; when I was talking about energy, philosophy, action, he said ‘you know what? You will love this place because it is practically what you're saying!’ So, I said, "Really? What is this place?”

He said, “it's in Costa Rica, it's called Rythmia and it's incredible!” And of course, I’ve been shooting for eight months by then, and I needed it. I needed to take a break and I was absolutely intrigued about Rythmia, because I already done Ayahuasca before and this was the next level, or the right level to do it.

It changed my life so deeply that I wanted to be part of the Board of Directors, because I do believe that Rythmia, its philosophy and the community, can change the world and it changed mine for sure. I have already changed people's world, so it just felt like the place where everybody can come and clean their energy and find the right philosophy for their lives and then just take action.”

What excites you the most about Rythmia?

“First of all, that I know that I'm making time for myself, and it feels good to know that I'm going to go to what I call home. They help me clean up, they help me have the right philosophy of life and to have the right actions. It is a place where I feel natural, simple, profound, spiritual, and instinctual. I feel the love and I feel creative, so I get to be with my four worlds by myself, yet, I have a community that supports me.”

When are you coming back to teach, and what will you be sharing with the Rythmia community?

“I'll be back to Rythmia from September the 24th to October 1st, 2023, and my goal is to teach about integration, because right after you finish Rythmia, you finish so empowered, so clear. So, we want to give this energy into the world, but then we realized that the world hasn't gone to Rythmia, so who can we practice immediately Rythmia with?

My goal is the integration after Rythmia to people's dogs, or once people understand, if they don't have a dog, the integration of not forgetting about their spirit. Don't forget about your instinct, don’t forget about the heart, and don’t forget about the mind. In that order, we need to follow a certain formula. Just like Rythmia has a formula of you arriving on a Saturday, you have a session on Sunday, and then Monday, Tuesday, etc.

That is a formula and that's how we get integrated into the medicine when we come to Rythmia, but when we go away from Rythmia, we need to know how to integrate ourselves and I know that if we use the animal instead of the of the plant, in this case, we can maintain the understanding of being pure, being consistent. It’s about honor, it's about respect, it's about love, it's about creativity.

So, we can utilize our dogs as a symbol of maintaining what we achieve in Rythmia. Is integrating us back into the city where the energy is chaotic, where the energy is unhappy and where the energy is confused. We must be able to navigate and the best way to do it in a chaotic and happy-confused world, is by walking with a dog or walking with an animal. If you don't have one, there is a way to walk in an unstable energy world by staying calm, confident, with love and joy.”

Want to time your visit to Rythmia with a date when César will be on site as a guest speaker? Find his upcoming dates here.


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