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Waleska is a healer who serves on the ceremonial team at Rythmia. This article is inspired by the personal experiences and teachings shared by her. It is a reflection of her philosophy and explores the healing potential of ayahuasca and yagé ceremonies.

For thousands of years, the ancient practice of ayahuasca and yagé ceremonies have been rooted in Amazonian indigenous cultures as a powerful tool for healing and transformation. Now we are experiencing a significant time in history: indigenous tribes are generously sharing their spiritual beliefs, culture and wisdom, so that we may benefit from much-needed healing and growth. Our planet and humanity is in crisis, but some people believe that psychedelics may be the medicine we need. Ayahuasca, the plant medicine spirit, also referred to as “La medicina” in Spanish, has the potential to help us in our times of uncertainty. 

Having been called to the medicine, Shaman Waleska shares her thoughts on this sometimes arduous but deeply fulfilling path. Waleska says, “I feel so honored to have been called to walk this path. I’m proud that I’ve answered this call because it’s not easy. Most of you who have sat with the medicine know that when you drink, it’s like a date with yourself. It’s an intimate encounter with yourself. And sometimes that can be scary, I know that. But at the end, you realize that you’re totally worth it. We do it because we love to be with the medicine and we love to be in service. It’s the most beautiful thing.” 

The Rythmia community, led by compassionate facilitators and shamans like Waleska, understand the courage it takes to face one's demons. They provide unwavering support, allowing participants to fully experience and release deep-seated emotions. Participants can embark on a deeply introspective journey, confronting their fears, traumas, and childhood wounds without judgment.

One of the core teachings that emerge from these ceremonies is the interconnectedness of all things. Waleska explores the idea that the fears and traumas we face are not just our own, but are also collective and deeply rooted in our ancestral lineage. By confronting and releasing these fears, we can not only liberate ourselves, but also heal and release on behalf of our ancestors.

Growing up, Waleska’s childhood home was in a state of turmoil and agitation. Her mother and father suffered greatly and Waleska sometimes felt paralyzed with fear. She buried those difficult memories deep within herself, carrying the weight of her parents’ afflictions and the consequences that resulted from them. She says, “One night, I said to the medicine, ‘I want to see my dad’s life’. Remember, be very careful what you ask for. That night, the medicine put me in a process where I experienced my dad’s life, and it was hell. I could see how much suffering he experienced since he was a toddler. It was one of the hardest ceremonies I ever had, but at the same time, it was so beautiful. By feeling his pain, I was also able to release him from his pain. In the end, we were celebrating in such a beautiful way. When we say here [at Rythmia], ‘Go to what’s hard’, it’s really worth it. In the end you can see how by feeling these emotions and by going through these hard processes, you really find your freedom, and not only for you, but also for your ancestors and the people who you love, your lineages.”

Healing is not always easy. It can be messy, unpredictable, and sometimes even terrifying. But on the other side of that pain is liberation, understanding, and deeper connection to oneself and the world around us. The journey with the medicine is never-ending, and each ceremony is an opportunity to dive deeper, to understand more, and to heal more profoundly.

The transformative power in these ceremonies lies in their ability to evoke buried memories and emotions. Through the ceremonial rituals, such as chanting, prayers and songs, profound healing processes are set in motion. Participants have the opportunity to face and understand their past traumas, gaining insights that lead to compassion, forgiveness, and love.

The journey of healing and self-discovery is a continuous one, with each ceremony offering an opportunity for deeper exploration and understanding. At Rythmia, ayahuasca and yagé ceremonies are approached with reverence and respect for the medicine. Participants are invited to embrace vulnerability, knowing that they are held in the embrace of a supportive community. Under the guidance of experienced healers like Waleska, individuals may tap into the primordial memories that shape their being.

While the healing process can be challenging and emotional, the rewards are immense. The connection to the medicine, the deeper understanding of oneself, and the bonds formed with fellow seekers are truly special.

If you are feeling called to work with the medicine, schedule a free consultation with a Rythmia guest consultant to learn more. Every journey with the medicine is unique, and who knows what profound insights and healing await you.


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