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The Road Less Taken! Part 6 – Perfecting Your No!

About the Road Less Taken Series:  

The Road Less Taken! is a video series Gerry created to help you stay on the path of being a beneficial presence in this world. 97% of people who complete the Rythmia Way Program experience a life-changing miracle, typically including a soul merger. Once you have a soul merger, a deep commitment to being a beneficial presence in this world emerges. This companion blog series shares Gerry’s top insights and includes the full video for those wishing to go deeper. Through various examples and anecdotes, he will discuss the benefits of being a beneficial presence and how it can improve our relationships, mental health, and overall quality of life. Join him on this journey to discover how taking the road less traveled can lead to a happier and more fulfilling life.

Prioritize Your Wellbeing 

Making your goals and passions your life's mission can be challenging because they will inevitably face scrutiny. The world's most successful leaders in business and spirituality have faced incredible struggles and scrutiny in pursuing their dreams. The biggest challenges arise when you have the most significant ideas. To embark on this journey, you must prioritize your well-being, health, and personal growth. You must give your best to yourself before giving it to others. Remember, your promise to yourself is essential and the foundation of your success. Therefore, it is crucial to prioritize yourself and take care of your well-being to achieve your goals.

Perfecting your NO!

Having a perfected NO is crucial because your YES becomes worthless without it. While on the road less traveled to becoming a more beneficial presence in the world, you'll encounter many well-intentioned people who may try to take you off your path. This is why the strength and severity of your NO are essential tools. Your NO has a vibration that communicates the strength and grit of your convictions and goals.

During the early stages of my business, I made a mistake by following advice that I knew was wrong. However, I gave it power because I lacked the strength of my convictions. Once I realized this, I took back my power, even though it caused tension between me and others. When you are inspired to do things in a unique way, many well-intentioned people will tell you that you are doing it wrong. In these cases, you must be self-assured and say NO. You will do it in your unique way and be a beneficial presence along the way.

The key is to be selective in what you say YES to. Warren Buffet, Elon Musk, and Sam Walton are great examples of individuals who know how to say NO. When you say NO, make it strong. A weak NO makes you appear vulnerable, and your mind can be swayed. A firm NO can feel like an attack. A straightforward, emotionless middle ground NO will create a platform for you to stand on that doesn’t offend or mislead anyone. Say NO to the old way to make your unique new way. Make it a good quality NO, from the heart!

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