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A lot of people attend Rythmia to unload decades of emotional anxiety, depression, trauma, grief, and loss or to help in recovery from drugs and alcohol or behaviors that no longer serve them.

When you return home, an aftercare plan is critical to help you integrate back into your day-to-day life. How do you fit back into the daily grind that hasn't changed, even though you have?

You've done this deep work at the Rythmia and have all this new awareness of yourself. You've unloaded decades of emotional baggage and feel like a new person. One of the most challenging parts is fitting back into the system that is exactly the same as when you left. Your job, family life, and surroundings have stayed the same, so how do you deal with that?

Be Patient With Yourself

Remember that what you've experienced on your journey is life-changing. You've been walking around your whole life with a backpack full of rocks, and now, suddenly, you've dropped this heavy load off your back. You're experiencing this lightness of being and realize you can do so much more, but your muscles haven't adjusted to this new you yet. It would help if you gave yourself time to allow your muscles to train and develop this new sense of self.

Your boss, work dynamic, and family may still have the same oppressive atmosphere, but you are now plugged into your unique self, and the challenge, post-experience, is to stay connected to who you are as a person and to stay grounded in your true self.

When you arrive home after this life-changing experience, you will look at all your relationships with new eyes and awareness. Be patient with yourself and your surroundings. You may have unusual or awkward feelings toward your environment. As things progress, you will have all the clarity you need to stay rooted in yourself and anchored in your new awareness.

Set An Example

Society has a way of pulling us down dangerous roads. For example, if there is a history of trauma or dysfunctional relationships, we often try to fill the void with drug and alcohol addiction and the avoidance of self. This forces us to become unplugged from our authentic selves. When you experience the Rythmia Way program, you can reconnect with your true self, which you've been disconnected from for so long. When you return home, your family, friends, customers, and colleagues will want to interact with you because you are plugged into that self-awareness.

The more you focus on yourself and stay rooted in your newfound awareness, the more the people around you will follow your example. It's natural for human beings to yearn to feel connected and plugged into themselves. Following your example, people will start noticing an engagement and shift in their beings. It's up to you to create change in yourself, and then change in your environment will naturally follow.

Create An Aftercare Plan That's Best For You

While observing patient relapse rates during my clinical work in addiction and recovery, I saw that people who did one year of post-treatment aftercare increased their sobriety rates by 50%. The program at Rythmia can be life-changing, but you must transition home correctly and have an aftercare plan to help you integrate your new self-awareness and fit back into the daily grind. My personal aftercare plan includes surfing, martial arts, and exercise. However, my best advice is to work hard on what feeds your soul in a healthy way. Is it yoga, exercise, talk therapy, or eating healthy? Focus on what you need for YOU.

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