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About the Road Less Taken Series  

The Road Less Taken! is a video series Gerry created to help you stay on the path of being a beneficial presence in this world. 97% of people who complete the Rythmia Way Program experience a life-changing miracle, typically including a soul merger. Once you have a soul merger, a deep commitment to being a beneficial presence in this world emerges. This companion blog series shares Gerry’s top insights and includes the full video for those wishing to go deeper. Through various examples and anecdotes, he will discuss the benefits of being a beneficial presence and how it can improve our relationships, mental health, and overall quality of life. Join him on this journey to discover how taking the road less traveled can lead to a happier and more fulfilling life.

A Soul Merged Blueprint

Once you reach a merged place within yourself and decide to become a beneficial presence in the world, you create a vision and goals for making that happen. It’s important to remember that it takes longer than you ever dreamed. It usually occurs in a decade. The benefits of this road are more than you ever imagined or conceived, but it will be the hardest thing you’ve ever done.

The Greater the Vision, the Bigger the Scrutiny

Creating the life you desire requires careful planning and design. You will have a clear and straightforward path after undergoing a soul merger, such as the one offered at Rythmia. However, the bigger your vision, the more attention and scrutiny you will attract. You will inevitably face opposition when you try to do something different. Consider people like Henry Ford, Elon Musk, Sam Walton, and Jeff Bezos, who have all confronted significant challenges and criticism in their endeavors. Anyone who has a vested interest in the old way of doing things will challenge your new ideas.

All ideas big enough to change the world will be scrutinized. For example, when Jeff Bezos introduced the concept of Amazon, many people doubted its success. Similarly, when I was in the plastic surgery business, I sought feedback from top surgeons in New York, and their doubts and criticisms only fueled my motivation. Five years later, that idea brought me $90 million. You will encounter opposition from friends, family, and foes who will try to talk you out of your goals. However, take this as motivation and recognize that more people will try to deter you if your dreams are big enough. Stay focused on your objectives and commit to them.

Listen to the Medicine

If you have a vision from a merged place, never let it go. If the medicine shows you how to become a beneficial presence in the world, say yes to the call! The medicine gives you an idea of what you are capable of at your highest potential. It sees you in your most extraordinary state and expects you to put all your energy into achieving that vision. You must exert all effort and commit to it 100% for the vision to manifest. Otherwise, it will not come to fruition.

Commit to the Call!

The most successful individuals possess a strong work ethic and immense self-control. They have an unshakable conviction in themselves that enables them to persevere and take the difficult path, despite facing failures, adversities, and detractors. You must remain resolute in your vision, no matter what happens. The top 1% of the most successful people in the world possess the determination, tenacity, and resilience to achieve their goals and thrive. Once you decide to pursue the road less taken and aim to make a positive impact, give your all and never stop mastering your gifts, even in the face of criticism and scrutiny.

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