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Upcoming thought leader weeks at Rythmia

Guests enjoying time outside of the sacred Maloca ceremony space
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John Jacob Mubarak

John Jacob Mubarak has been a Teacher in Residence at Rythmia Life Advancement Center since 2017. He is an Author, Founder of Sacred Truth Tours, Agape Licensed Spiritual Therapist, Rythmia Integration Coach and Elemental Rhythm Breathwork Facilitator.

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Earl Koskie

Earl Koskie is a self-made entrepreneur and investor renowned for his adeptness in building and scaling companies. Raised in Texas by two exceptional parents in a nurturing household, he says his leadership ability developed in childhood as the oldest of 6 siblings.

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Neurohacker Collective

Founded in 2015, Neurohacker Collective aims to develop top-tier well-being products using a complex systems science approach. This method enhances the body's self-regulation instead of using chemicals to alter biomarkers. Initially focusing on cognitive enhancements with their Qualia nootropic line, the company remains dedicated to offering products for peak overall performance.

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César Millán

With more than 25 years of experience and with his brand new TV show, “Better Human, Better Dog”, now on National Geographic Title & Disney+, Cesar Millan is a household name and 3x Emmy nominated internationally acclaimed star of several hit TV series broadcasted and streamed in over 120 countries. A New York Times #1 best-selling author and accomplished global public speaker, Millan is also an entrepreneur with an innovative product line, including his widely popular and exclusive training courses under his Training Cesar’s Way brand. Cesar Millan is one of the most sought-after authorities in the field of dog behavior and rehabilitation. He is the only world-renowned celebrity dog behaviorist and has taken it to another level with his mission through the Cesar Millan Foundation for better humans and a better planet.

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Shannon Kaiser

Imagine having an inner faith and trust so magnificent that you are fully aligned with your true self and confident with every choice. No more worry, self-doubt, judgment, fear, or insecurities. A wonderful goal, but is it even possible? As someone who was diagnosed with clinical depression and anxiety for years, Shannon Kaiser knows that it is. Through her own spiritual journey, she cured herself by awakening her faith and intuition—and since then has helped so many like herself. Today Shannon teaches that in order to thrive, everything we do must be an authentic expression of who we truly are.

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Jack Canfield

The law of attraction is one of the most important universal laws. And quantum physics is now helping us understand the science behind what was previously only known intuitively. In this seminar and experiential workshop, you will learn the latest information about how and why the powerful law works, and the most effective techniques for how to work in harmony with it to more easily manifest whatever you want in any area of your life – financial, relationships, health, happiness, professional success and social impact.

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Jennifer and Alex

When thinking about your future, do you find yourself asking, “What next?” or “What now?” In this workshop, you’ll discover how to gain clarity and crystalize your 3-year Vivid Vision® for your health, relationships, business/career, and lifestyle.

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Michael Bernard Beckwith

Dr. Beckwith deeply explores his acclaimed teachings on life visioning, prosperity, abundance, and living from the overflow. Through awareness technology, spiritual practices, intentionality, and dedication, we can take back our minds and use them as an avenue of awareness rather than as a dumping ground for errant thoughts and perceptions that run rampant in the world masquerading as Reality. When we have successfully taken back our mind, it becomes a powerful and useful tool for our own evolution, for expressing happiness and prosperity, and for living a purposeful life!

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Robert Glover

In this two-part Rythmia presentation, Dr. Robert Glover, relationship expert and author will share a simple, ages-old secret for finding lasting love. In the process, you will learn how to truly love yourself, love others, and open your heart to the love you desire.

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Taita Juanito

Juan Guillermo Chindoy, known as Taita Juanito, is a descendant of the indigenous Inga tribe and comes from an esteemed lineage of traditional healers and ethnobotanists. For over 15 years, he studied with Grandfather Taita Laureano, the eldest Taita of the Putomayo-Region of Southern Colombia, reputed to have lived until the age of 112. Taita Juanito is a highly respected and world-renowned healer and teacher known for his compassionate heart, great wisdom, and reverence for the sacred path of plant medicine.

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Kim Stanwood Terranova

The importance of living as an awakened being has never been greater. In this ever-changing world, we have before us the opportunity to live as the powerful creators that we are. There is a code, a map of self-awareness that offers us the key to staying awake, aware, and empowered in the world of circumstances. We always have a choice; let’s activate it NOW! Join best-selling author and spiritual leader Kim Stanwood Terranova as she guides you on the path of deep self-awareness to open you up to create the life you came here to live!

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Ben Decker

Embrace the depth and power of your medicine journey by consciously activating the universal technology of initiation. This workshop will support you in the intention-setting process before your Rythmia Visit, as well as integrating the visions, wisdom, and insight that comes through. Become deeply present through meditation-based exercises and develop an open-ended strategy for bringing shamanic wisdom home with you into your daily life.

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Giovanni Bartolomeo

Gio will guide participants through the elemental Rhythm Breathwork Experience during his week at Rythmia. In his Monday class, he will talk about the power of nature, specifically cold exposure that he learned from his mentor Wim Hof and various ways to help keep your mind body, and spirit tuned up to reach their optimal states.

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