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This post is part of a two part series. Read part one, "What is the Message," here.

Before and after the soul merger

Once your soul is merged, you become aware of what drives you and gain a vision of where you want to be. This vision becomes your identity, and you start moving toward it. The journey towards your goal is the most essential part of the process and is also the most rewarding part. 

Before a soul merger, individuals often tend to focus on their weaknesses and inadequacies. However, after the soul merger, working hard becomes more important than factors like talent and creativity. Although intelligence and creativity can be advantageous, they are not vital to achieving one's goals. Staying in touch with reality is critical to success. Before the soul merger, individuals choose the direction of their lives based on a fragmented view of reality. After the soul merger, they can make better decisions from a more aligned place and have a clearer vision of where they are headed.

Aligning with your heart 

As we grow older, we realize the value of time and our desire to make fewer mistakes. At Rythmia, we can undergo a soul-awakening experience and choose a path that aligns with our hearts. This is particularly important because it saves time and helps us realize our true selves sooner. The journey itself holds more significance than the outcome. Once we achieve soul-merger, we gain clarity on attaining our highest potential. Those fortunate enough to gain this understanding quickly have more time to achieve their goals and become a positive influence in the world. This concept applies to all aspects of life, including work, family, business, and community. As a result, everything starts to move in our favor energetically.

The Astral World balance sheet 

Plant medicine teaches us that in the astral world, there exists a balance sheet that tracks how much you have given versus how much you have taken. If you give more than you take, you become a beneficial presence. On the other hand, if you take more than you give, you become a liability. True happiness lies in giving. When you give more than you take, it feels beautiful, and the universe rewards you. Conversely, taking more than you give feels wrong and can have severe consequences that affect you and your environment negatively.

Becoming a beneficial presence

Developing mastery requires inspiration, intuition, commitment, and hard work. With the proper training, we can learn to do anything. If we have a passion for something, we will be more inclined to understand it and become great at it. Being skilled and knowledgeable in something can make us a gift to others, and we should take pride in our work. Seeking validation from others is not fulfilling. Instead, we should stay committed and passionate about our work, stand behind it, and proudly sign our name to it. Working from a soul-merged place allows us to do that. 

In the US, many people focus on entitlement and what they can get for themselves rather than what they can do for others. However, by shifting our focus to giving, we can experience a fulfilling sense of purpose and meaning.

The journey of self-discovery involves giving and becoming a beneficial presence. You receive the greatest gift of genuine and authentic joy and contentment by mastering your passion and goals. Even when faced with challenges, working from a soul-merged place makes you feel happy and confident that you are moving in the right direction. Rythmia can help you achieve a soul merger and move towards your goals to become a beneficial presence. The first step towards realizing your highest potential is experiencing Rythmia and all the wisdom from plant medicine.

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