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About the Road Less Taken Series:  

The Road Less Taken! is a video series Gerry created to help you stay on the path of being a beneficial presence in this world. 97% of people who complete the Rythmia Way Program experience a life-changing miracle, typically including a soul merger. Once you have a soul merger, a deep commitment to being a beneficial presence in this world emerges. This companion blog series shares Gerry’s top insights and includes the full video for those wishing to go deeper. Through various examples and anecdotes, he will discuss the benefits of being a beneficial presence and how it can improve our relationships, mental health, and overall quality of life. Join him on this journey to discover how taking the road less traveled can lead to a happier and more fulfilling life.

Soul Merger Turning Point

My story started as a high school dropout who went to jail. Later, I had business success; by success, I mean I had a company whose net worth was $144 million. I sold it for $90 million, netting $61 million in cash. I had specific attributes that made me good at business. I did well without a high school diploma, which was unheard of in the 80s. I got super lucky, but then my life went off the rails, and I became an alcoholic and drug addict. Financial success didn’t make me feel whole, and I was an unhappy guy and an unhealthy person. There was a turning point when my life did a complete 180, and now I have a very healthy lifestyle and am much more connected and happier. I gave up everything and became a beneficial presence on the planet. This was my soul merger turning point. It’s the point in your life when you reconstitute your being for the rest of your life, become a more beneficial presence on the planet, and help others.

What does a Soul Merger feel like?

A soul merger feels like you have been in a room with the lights turned off, and suddenly, the lights get turned on, and you can see for the first time. When we are brought up and exposed to the human condition, we always want to protect ourselves and make the least effort for the most returns. It’s human nature. We pick the lowest-hanging fruit off the trees because it’s the sweetest and most accessible.

When an event on our journey motivates us to give instead of receive, this is an amazing thing. It is the point of embarkation, the crossroad—the soul merger.

Plant medicine creates that effect; we see beyond death, which gives our life value. No matter how separate we feel, we see that it's impossible to be disconnected from each other. This moment is when we decide to be a beneficial presence in the world.

The Road Less Taken Is Harder but Better

Making the decision to travel the road less taken is one of the hardest things you will ever do in your life. It takes effort, and it’s a choice. It may feel harder in the moment, but it makes life more blissful in the long term. For example, take a 65-year-old retiree who didn’t save money throughout their life and only did what was easy and comfortable. Now, at 65, they are victims of the state, dependent on social security and government assistance. That reality is much more challenging. The better choice would have been to have more self-control and plan appropriately. Even if it seemed more complicated at the time, their lives would have been easier in the long run. Even though it seems challenging, the conditions you set early in life will make the long run more fulfilling.

Be a Giver!

The road less taken asks you to take yourself out of receiving mode and put yourself into supplying mode. The gift of providing to the universe allows the universe to deliver back to us in abundance. The more we can master being a beneficial presence, the more health and comfort the universe gives back. It’s a relational universe, and it takes time and patience. Try not to do things for the getting; do them for the giving. You have to be in love with giving.

To a musician and an athlete, it’s practice; to a businessperson, it’s labor without receiving; to a parent, it’s giving sustenance without getting anything in return. The getting comes later, for example, when you witness your children prosper, have families, and successes in life. Fall in love with giving and master it. It’s giving up something now to have the benefits later.

The Medicine is on the Path Less Taken

The realization is that the conflict experienced in this moment and the work needed to get through it are the juice of life. If we realign and re-engineer our lives so they are pointed to be a more beneficial presence with a sense of duty, ethics, community, and creating well-being for others, then the journey becomes medicine.

For example, since starting Rythmia, we have run into plenty of conflicts, and maybe a million things have gone wrong, but this is the most decadent experience of my life, and all the members and staff agree. The rewards are abundant. The sunshine and the rain are part of the experience. When you're not fully committed to something, don’t take risks, or don’t try anything or learn anything, it may be easier, but it’s not the most rewarding. The easier path is the path people typically take, but the more challenging the course is, the more rewarding it is. It’s never too late to change the road you’re on now to the road less traveled. Today is your day, and you can make your life richer from now on until eternity.

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