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Nuggets of insight from Gerry Powell's 'Road Less Taken' Weekly Facebook Lectures

As we engage in a so-called “spiritual” path (the path of personal growth, healing and transformation), we are often told to become selfless, more sharing, more loving and accommodating to others. But beware—there is a spiritual trap in that. The meaning of what being selfless truly means is something different in my view: it’s being radically honest with ourselves and having the courage and conviction to say NO, both to ourselves and others.

There are endless ways for us to get sabotaged in this work, most often by ourselves, and one of them is saying YES, when we should say NO. There are two common manifestations of this -  Inwardly - it’s when we don’t say NO to our inner reactivity, and the promise of instant gratification. When we act out, we get a temporary high, an influx of energy. Restricting that energy high (that most of us are addicted to) is one way to practice saying no.

The other one is when we say yes to others, because we don’t have the courage to say no, or we lose certainty in our own truth, intuition and authentic path. Saying yes in this way is dishonest and the energy of it becomes corrupted actually damaging us. If it’s not true, it will not resonate with Truth (which is another way to say God).

On the spiritual path, the amount of healing and light available to us is directly proportional to the amount of struggles and challenges we need to overcome to obtain it. There are no shortcuts around challenges. And the struggle is often the struggle between yes and no. Staying in the discomfort of this struggle is often a sign we are on the right path.

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