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About the Road Less Taken Series:  

The Road Less Taken! is a video series Gerry created to help you stay on the path of being a beneficial presence in this world. 97% of people who complete the Rythmia Way Program experience a life-changing miracle, typically including a soul merger. Once you have a soul merger, a deep commitment to being a beneficial presence in this world emerges. This companion blog series shares Gerry’s top insights and includes the full video for those wishing to go deeper. Through various examples and anecdotes, he will discuss the benefits of being a beneficial presence and how it can improve our relationships, mental health, and overall quality of life. Join him on this journey to discover how taking the road less traveled can lead to a happier and more fulfilling life.

Don’t Ask What’s in It for You!

When we undergo a soul merger and choose to become a force for good on this planet, we transition from being a liability to an asset on our balance sheet. We stop taking from others and start giving to them to touch their lives. However, making this decision is not easy, and it is the road that is less traveled. Most people spend their lives asking what is in it for them. That mentality is never enough to fill the void within them. Entitlement is the belief that you deserve everything, even if it is not earned. You will be in trouble if you feel that you deserve anything other than your life because there will always be someone who has more than you, and there will always be a part of you that feels unjustly treated.

In my 20s, I was thrilled to buy my first small airplane. But on the very first day I landed at an airport, I noticed a giant, better plane parked next to mine. It made me feel inferior. A few years later, I bought an even bigger plane, but then some people had even bigger planes than mine. This experience taught me that there is no end to the pursuit of material possessions. You will never find true fulfillment if you are always looking for what’s in it for you.

Fight Like Hell For Your Goals

Once you experience a soul merger, planning how you want to benefit the world is crucial. You must decide how to share your gifts with the world instead of just taking and taking. This choice puts you on the road less traveled, and you will face many deterrents and haters who will challenge you. If you seek comfort and pleasure, you will end up on the main road where everyone else is.

For example, Rythmia has created many incredible gifts for the world but has also brought many struggles and challenges for the people building it. When you have a sense of entitlement and search for comfort-seeking pleasures, you get dangerously close to the "what's in it for me" mentality. According to universal law, there is no place to rest. Comfort-seeking pleasures and the easy way are an illusion. Surrender is fighting like hell to stick to your plan and your goal. Make a promise to yourself to become a beneficial presence and fight like hell for it. When you get denied or meet failure, then readjust. Try, and try again. Part of winning the war is losing a ton of battles. Readjust, recalibrate, and move on. The most successful people have something in common: they did not quit! They kept trying, readjusting, and moving forward. Sticking with something makes you successful, no matter what it is.

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