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This article is part of a two part series. Yo can read the second part, "Be a Giver," here.

Plant medicine has a message for everyone

The medicine has a message for everyone who experiences it. This message is almost always the right one because it tells you what your highest possibility is. However, to manifest it, you must be proactive on your journey. The medicine doesn't bend the universe to you, but it tells you what your highest potential is if you choose to engage with it. Once you get the message, you will know how to vibrate the energy needed to manifest it, and you have the tools, but you have to take action to answer the call. 

It’s up to you to proactively manifest it 

The medicine shows us the opportunity, but we must agree to elevate ourselves to manifest it. If, for instance, the medicine says you are going to get the best job, then you have to meet the universe by committing to getting that perfect job and acting in a way that is in unison with the message you received. The words the medicine gives you become your ideal. They become what you live up to. Nothing will happen if you try to be passive with the message and don't do your part to participate. 

You have to believe

You must first believe the message and then commit to it fully. It is not necessarily easy, but you have to latch on and meet the universe so that the message can manifest as truth. Nothing magically happens if you don’t do the work. For example, if the medicine tells you that you will meet the man of your dreams, you must also become the woman of his dreams. That means meeting your highest potential as a beneficial presence. 

Everyone can change

Because we live in a universe of possibilities, everyone can change. At Rythmia, many fractured people leave whole and get everything they want from the universe. When the universe tells them something, they rise to meet it, and their lives completely change. If you work hard, you get the reward. You can't just sit back, use resources, and expect the universe to bend to you; you are wrong. The universe gives you a ticket to life, and you have the opportunity to ride it. 

The medicine can help you become the best you 

The medicine provides everyone the chance to become the best they can become. For example, if the medicine tells you that you will become a successful actress, then it's your job to make it happen by taking acting classes, going on as many casting calls as possible, being relentless, and getting better at your craft. You must live, eat, and breathe your craft until you are in complete unison with it. The gift is not the outcome. The gift is in the journey. The gift and the fun are in the becoming. The journey to being the most beneficial presence and the best potential of yourself is the best gift. It's about accessing the highest vibration and making yourself worthy of the outcome. 

The medicine sees your wholeness, are you ready to receive? 

The medicine sees you in your wholeness and helps you see all your possibilities in that wholeness. If you believe and commit to the outcome, you will manifest it fully and wholly. The bliss and the truth are there, but we must access them by pushing ourselves to our highest vibration. Once you are on board with the message, vibrate and move toward that goal, and leave inertia behind. The message becomes your lone star; if you give everything to it, you will get to the goal, and the message will manifest. The message from the medicine is never wrong as long as you rise to the call. If you fail, the medicine wasn't wrong. You didn't do the work and put in the investment. You didn't fully believe the message. The medicine's promise is nature at its finest and never lies. Believe, and you will achieve.

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