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At Rythmia, we help you discover your true self and work through buried emotions using the powerful tool of plant medicine, particularly Ayahuasca. We help you successfully treat personality disorders, empower you to take control of your life, and experience healing in the most profound way possible. Dr. Jeff McNairy, Chief Medical Officer at Rythmia, is passionate about the transformative potential of Ayahuasca when combined with medical expertise and modern therapies. Leaving a thriving U.S. medical career, he helped build Rythmia, the world's only medically licensed plant medicine center. Read the synopsis below, or listen to Dr Jeff as he discusses personality disorders, the Western medicine approach, and the Rythmia Way program (and its use of Ayahuasca) can help people with personality disorders.  

Personality Disorders, the Western medicine approach, and the Rythmia Way

The DSM manual (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders) that psychologists and psychiatrists use to understand mental health conditions lists ten specific personality disorders: paranoid, schizoid, schizotypal, antisocial, borderline, histrionic, narcissistic, avoidant, dependent, and obsessive-compulsive personality disorder. There's a lot of debate about whether it's a reliable diagnostic tool. Still, nevertheless, that is the standard that insurance accepts and what the field uses to diagnose and label patients. Personality disorders are patterns of behavior that can cause problems with relationships and lead to negative outcomes. All ten personality disorders have the concept of ego-syntonic in common. "Ego syntonic" is a term used to describe people with personality disorders who tend to believe that their perception of reality is the same as everyone else's. They assume that their view of the world is shared by others, and they often have difficulty because of it. 

Every person's perspective and viewpoint are significant and valid. However, individuals with personality disorders are often intolerant of any perspective other than their own. As a result, they may experience less success in their relationships and other aspects of life. Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) is often used as a successful option to treat personality disorders. It is a combination of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Zen Buddhism, specially designed for people to process difficult emotions. The primary goal of DBT is to help you understand and accept your complex feelings. However, it requires significant effort, time, and commitment to reap the benefits of DBT. Unfortunately, not everyone has access to DBT, and there are various barriers to this type of care for many individuals.

Rythmia offers a program that can assist individuals in healing and shifting from an ego-syntonic position to a more balanced ego-dystonic perspective. Through this process, you can better understand different viewpoints while maintaining your own. This can allow you to be more flexible in your thinking. The Rythmia Way encourages you to observe and analyze yourself from the outside by using the powerful tool of plant medicine. Ayahuasca, which is a part of the comprehensive program, facilitates this process and helps you identify what triggers you and what traumas you are holding onto. It allows you to act as your own therapist and examine your thoughts and emotions. It unlocks the amygdala and brings stored memories to the prefrontal cortex, where you can feel, process, and release them. It helps you realize that your life experiences are limited, viewed through your singular ego-centric perspective, and to open your mind to other ideas and possibilities. It can allow you to see the bigger picture, gain a broader perspective, and heal yourself on the deepest levels.

Despite what the Western medical system may suggest, there is hope for individuals living with personality disorders. With the help of Ayahuasca plant medicine, many individuals have reported positive changes and improvements. Begin your journey by participating in the 7-day Rythmia Way program and experiencing the transformative benefits of or intensive multi-modality approach to healing and transformation. Rythmia is the only medically-licensed plant medicine center in the world.  Its time-tested program boasts a 97% satisfaction rate from the over 15,000 people who have completed the program.


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