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Costa Rica's Hidden Gems: Best Luxury Wellness Retreats in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is one of the best places in the world to find solace and is the ideal setting for wellness, rejuvenation, and detoxification from the daily grind. It's the perfect setting to focus on healthy living and fitness while enjoying various activities to renew your mind, body, and soul while exploring the country's tropical rainforests, volcanic national parks, and palm-filled beaches. Costa Rica is a pioneer in eco-wellness travel and sustainability, and it's one of the world's 5 Blue Zones (areas where people are the happiest and live the longest, often reaching age 100).

The modern world is busy, noisy, and chaotic and can cause wear and tear on our bodies and minds. A holistic wellness center can allow us to go inward to focus on our healing and growth. It's a place where the outside world drops away and enables us to find real peace, inspiration, and creativity. It can be a lifeline for helping us learn ways to balance our physical, mental, and emotional well-being. It's where we can tap into our most profound source of happiness and commit to honoring ourselves. This article highlights the unique qualities that make Costa Rica an ideal wellness vacation destination and reviews five top premium centers for a transformational getaway.

Costa Rica Offers Luxury and Sustainability

Costa Rica offers some of the world's most luxurious retreats, and wellness is built into the fabric of the land. Whether you want lots of vinyasas and yogic philosophy, eco-adventures, or cultural experiences, you can find a retreat that feels most profound for your soul in one of the most gorgeous and luxurious atmospheres possible. Costa Rica is the perfect year-round wellness destination for anyone wanting to rejuvenate and recharge.

With a dedication to becoming carbon-positive, Costa Rica has become an eco-pioneering nation and one of the world's best destinations for a wellness retreat. Its unique geographical features allow visitors to submerge their senses in therapeutic nature activities such as swimming in waterfalls, trekking through tropical rainforests and national parks, kayaking in the warm sea, snorkeling, rafting, taking surf lessons, or relaxing on its pristine and sun-drenched beaches. It's a place of majestic natural beauty that awakens the soul. Locals live by the phrase 'Pura Vida' (the good life), which means channeling a super-healthy lifestyle, from eating well to immersing themselves in nature. Costa Rica's nationwide commitment to sustainability makes it a pioneer, and 99% of the country's electricity comes from renewable resources. The nation has broken the world record for running for 110 consecutive days using 100% renewable energy.

This Eden on Earth offers tourists a complete nature experience and rich and diverse cultural experiences such as museums, language and cuisine classes, or perhaps visiting an indigenous community to learn about plant medicine and local customs. Whatever your interests are, Costa Rica offers an array of nature and culture to indulge the senses.

Why Choose a Transformational Vacation or "Retreat"?

The word "retreat" represents the decision to temporarily withdraw from the pattern of everyday living that throws us off balance and gets in our way of achieving a peaceful internal and external landscape. When life is overwhelming, and chronic exhaustion endangers our health, we often instinctively need to retreat and regroup.

There are many types of retreats to help us find our peaceful center. For example, yoga retreats are an excellent option for those seeking guided movement, meditation, and yoga exercises with experienced yoga teachers. There are also meditation retreats that offer a

period of rest and recovery from the stress of everyday life. They allow us to immerse ourselves in a tranquil setting where we may explore our inner landscape without the usual distractions. Tucked away in lush Guanacaste, Costa Rica, is Rythmia - a true gem - offering an all-inclusive experience that combines high-end amenities and spa services with multi-modality classes ranging from yoga, breathwork, dance, and meditation to coaching classes and plant-based Ayahuasca medicine ceremonies. It's a sanctuary for the soul and the perfect place to taste La Pura Vida or The Pure Life. For anyone seeking a profound transformation and journey in self-discovery, this is the ideal experience to awaken your highest potential.

Customizable Wellness

Some of the best spiritual retreats in the world are in Costa Rica, in beautiful areas surrounded by nature, where we can reconnect with the world and ourselves. The best thing about retreats is that they are highly customizable, and most offer wellness sessions like yoga, meditation, and various healing modalities. Then, you have the more specialized retreats, where you can enjoy unique practices designed to encourage personal growth and transformation.

Top 5 Luxury Wellness Retreats in Costa Rica

1. Rythmia- A Highly Spiritual and Transformative Experience.

Rythmia is a premier destination ideal for anyone seeking personal growth in all areas of their life through strengthening their spiritual, mental, and physical well-being. The customized curriculum has provided over 15,000 guests with the most comprehensive holistic care anywhere.  It's the world's first medically licensed plant-based Ayahuasca medicine center and ensures the safety and wellness of all guests through its on-site medical clinic and a team of doctors, registered nurses, and EMTs. The multi-modality Rythmia Way Program (versus single modality of most retreats) offers yoga, breathwork, meditation, dance, Ayahuasca ceremonies, The Answer is You classes, and Integration classes, each led by exceptionally skilled professionals. Each guest receives the support they need to comprehend their experience and develop new awareness thanks to the highly effective program and daily class work taught by qualified instructors. It pairs this with daily integration work and practical skills for sustained and continued personal growth post-stay.

The Rythmia Way program is a profoundly transformative experience. It is hard work, but the premium amenities and services provide the perfect setting, featuring beautiful grounds, high-end accommodations, gourmet farm-to-table daily meals, a gym, volcanic mud bath, steam room, hot and cold plunge, and treatments built into the program, such as massage and deep-sea hydro colonic cleanse treatments. Rythmia boasts 2,400+ five-star reviews on TripAdvisor, and 97% of their guests report having a life-changing and deeply profound experience that dramatically improves their lives. All-inclusive, The Rythmia Way Program includes:

  • 7 night luxury hotel accommodations
  • 21 farm-to-table organic meals
  • 2 Michael Beckwith's "The Answer is You" classes
  • 1 Gerard (Gerry) Powell's "About Your Miracle" class
  • 2 Medical evaluations by staff physicians
  • 4 Shaman-led plant-based medicine ceremonies
  • 1 Dance of Liberation movement ceremony
  • 1 Healing Massage
  • 2 Hydro-colonic cleanses
  • 6 Yoga Classes
  • 3 Rhythmic breathwork classes
  • 24x7 gym
  • Medical service access
  • a saltwater pool
  • Steam room
  • Volcanic mud bath
  • Hot and cold plunge
  • Guided beach excursions

2. Bodhi Tree Yoga Resort- A Return to Nature

Located on Costa Rica's northwest coast in the village of Nosara, the Bodhi Tree Yoga Resort seeks to promote harmony with nature. Here, you'll find everything in the resort revolves around the life-giving element of water, from the Millennium Pool and fountains on the property to the world-class surfing beaches and waterfalls nearby. Bodhi Tree offers several yoga experiences for all skill levels through community classes, private yoga sessions, and yoga workshops. Bodhi Tree is committed to sustainability and incorporates solar panels into its electricity and hot water infrastructure. It also embraces a plastic-free mentality and supports Costas Verdes, a non-profit dedicated to coastal restoration.

Signature Yoga Fitness Retreat includes:

  • 6 nights accommodation
  • 3 meals a day
  • Daily yoga + fitness classes
  • Surf lesson
  • Spa treatment
  • Offsite activity
  • Evening sound bath session
  • Dinner at La Luna beachfront restaurant

3. Blue Osa- Yoga for the Soul

Set alongside the beach on the Osa Peninsula, Blue Osa is a destination for immersive yoga teacher training and yoga lessons. The spa offers an extensive menu of massages, facials, body scrubs, and wraps. Ecotour activities include rainforest and beach hiking, a canopy zip-line tour, surfing, waterfall rappelling, kayaking, a 20m (66ft) lap pool, and organic farm-to-table restaurant meals that are mostly vegetarian or vegan that are included in your stay.

The Yoga Wellness Retreat package includes:

  • Roundtrip local airfare
  • Daily yoga classes
  • One 1:1 Private Yoga Class
  • One 1-hour spa treatment
  • 1, 1/2 hour guided morning hike
  • Private Accommodations
  • 3 Farm-to-table meals daily
  • Roundtrip airport shuttle

4. Essence Arsenal- Wellness Off the Beaten Path

Essence Arenal is a hotel, spa, permaculture farm, and eco-residential community that sprawls across 22 hectares of hilltop jungle. The yoga retreat focuses on relaxation, breathing, detoxification, self-love, and weight loss. Its offerings include daily yoga, help with improving your eating habits, and embracing peace. They also offer exciting activities such as cooking, kombucha-making workshops, and wild animal viewing. The spa offerings include lymphatic drainage, reflexology, and a mud detox. For a unique experience, consider staying in one of the treehouse tents.

Rain Forest Yoga Retreat includes:

  • Private room
  • Private bathroom
  • All meals are served with one natural juice
  • Daily yoga
  • Daily spa circuit access (jacuzzi, steam room, sauna)
  • Daily access to permaculture farm and trails, pool, and facilities

5. AmaTierra Retreat and Wellness Center- Wellness with a View

Embrace the jungle environment at the AmaTierra Retreat & Wellness Center, halfway between San Jose and the Pacific Ocean. You'll enjoy vast views of the surrounding forest and mountain landscape as you start your day with a gentle hatha yoga class to strengthen your body and refocus your mind and end with a thoughtful guided meditation to work on being more present.

Relax in Nature Package includes:

  • Five nights lodging in a spacious, comfortable suite with a private bath
  • Daily yoga class and meditation
  • Three delicious gourmet meals per day
  • Full-Day Tour: Carara National Park & the Pacific Beach, including transportation
  • A relaxing one-hour full-body massage
  • Roundtrip airport transfers
  • One 30-minute session on our Healing Gemstone Mat

Unique Costa Rican Therapies

Wellness is built into the fabric of this lush and healing landscape, and it's known as the "green republic" because of its pioneering status in eco and wellness tourism. Health-related trips to Costa Rica account for 13.4% of all visits to the country. There is much to offer regarding healing, and modalities can range from traditional Costa Rican therapies that integrate natural elements and allow you to connect with nature to more modern and innovative wellness treatments. The best retreats will offer traditional and contemporary medicine, customized fitness programs, and gourmet cuisine options with organic and local produce.

Top retreats will also weave sustainability practices into their program, have eco-friendly facilities, responsible tourism ethics, and support local communities. When planning your retreat, consider the best time of year to visit, travel and safety tips, and thoughtful packing and preparation. Be sure to research real experiences, feedback from other visitors, and professional opinions and ratings.

Which Costa Rican Transformational Vacation Tops the List?  

Rythmia is the center that tops the list of luxury retreat experiences in Costa Rica, checking off all the boxes for the best wellness retreat. They fuse modern amenities with eco-friendly and sustainable practices while offering luxury hotel accommodations, farm-to-table organic meals, an in-depth program that includes Ayahuasca ceremonies, breathwork, yoga, and dance classes, healing massage, hydro colonics, a medical evaluation by fully licensed medical staff, life advancement classes, and workshops. They have top-notch reviews from fellow travelers, and their program helps reinvigorate and restore your well-being. They have a great team that tends to all your needs while on-site with warmth, care, and professionalism and also provides you with tools to prepare for your trip and to integrate into your daily life post-retreat so you can carry your new self-awareness into everyday life.


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