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A Beneficial Presence Means Long-Term Happiness

About the Road Less Taken Series:  

The Road Less Taken! is a video series Gerry created to help you stay on the path of being a beneficial presence in this world. 97% of people who complete the Rythmia Way Program experience a life-changing miracle, typically including a soul merger. Once you have a soul merger, a deep commitment to being a beneficial presence in this world emerges. This companion blog series shares Gerry’s top insights and includes the full video for those wishing to go deeper. Through various examples and anecdotes, he will discuss the benefits of being a beneficial presence and how it can improve our relationships, mental health, and overall quality of life. Join him on this journey to discover how taking the road less traveled can lead to a happier and more fulfilling life.

Shifting from Receiver to Giver

At Rythmia, people from all walks of life come to experience a turning point that will change them forever. After just one week, 99 out of 100 guests experience what we call a soul merger. Other cultures refer to it as soul reclamation. This overwhelming shift changes you forever and inspires you to become a more beneficial presence on the planet. This decision not only affects your experience of the world but also takes you out of the habit of receiving and puts you into the habit of giving.

When we are born, we are natural receivers because we are too young to fend for ourselves or feed ourselves. However, this habit of receiving sets us up for failure, as we often receive things we didn’t work for or earn. This leads to missed expectations, depression, or anxiety if our expectations aren't met.

Everything changes once we awaken our soul and decide to be a giver and a more beneficial presence. We begin to look for ways to give back to the world and make a positive impact, rather than just receiving. This shift in perspective can transform our entire experience of life.

What Does It Mean to Be a Beneficial Presence?

Leaving a place in better shape than it was before you arrived is a very important concept. By embracing this idea, you can become a beneficial presence in your church, community, family, relationships, and business. The key to leading a fulfilling life is contributing to the well-being of those around you. This is something I learned from personal experience. Every great thing that has ever happened to me has resulted from the act of giving.

Let's take lottery ticket winners as an example. Most lottery ticket winners file for bankruptcy within eight years of winning the lottery. They often say it wrecked their house, marriage, and family. Getting the greatest monetary gift one can imagine screwed up their life. The act of merely receiving something did not make them happy.

The road to true happiness and fulfillment is less traveled and involves giving of yourself to experience complete happiness and fulfillment. Being a beneficial presence can lead to long-term happiness and fulfillment. By actively contributing to the well-being of those around us, we not only positively impact their lives but also create a sense of purpose and meaning in our own.

Pop culture is often used as a means of distraction.

Becoming a beneficial presence in people's lives is a decision that takes about ten years to manifest. Becoming a better person is challenging, long, and harder than anything we have ever done, but it can also be the most fun thing we have ever experienced. However, it requires time, focus, and determination, as many distractions dissuade us from achieving that goal. Pop culture is one of the biggest distractions that can prevent us from becoming a beneficial presence. It wastes our time with reality TV shows, feeds us with negative news, and provides data from sources that don't vibrate high. This constant negativity can make us feel like everything is unfair and that we can't excel because the world is falling apart.

Dare to defy the mainstream and its trends!

It's crucial to have grit and stay positive. Don't let pop culture rob you of your dreams or let the world's negativity stop you from taking chances. Remember, those who fail the most succeed the most. So don't be afraid to try or commit to something.

Success doesn't come easy, and many people get stuck in startup mode because they're scared to commit long enough to see things through. The first three years of any endeavor are usually the most challenging. Hanging in there is important. Don’t give up too soon. If you switch directions every three years, you're not giving yourself enough time to experience super success.

It's also essential not to time your business goals with market trends. Just because something is trending doesn't mean it's the right time to start something. The best time to start is when things are trending the lowest. Don't let pop culture dictate your decisions in any sphere. Spend time mastering whatever you love and staying true to your dream.

Be aware that well-intentioned people may try to talk you out of your dreams. They may tell you it's too complicated or you don't have what it takes. The news and pop culture may also try to affect your decisions, but it's important to ignore them and stay focused on your goals.

A Beneficial Presence Leads to Long-Term Happiness

You feel the happiest and most fulfilled when you pursue your vision of becoming a more beneficial presence on the planet. When we embrace this giving mode, we experience joy, contentment, and fulfillment for the long term. I used to watch financial market trends and place bets on where to invest my money. However, after my first plant medicine experience, I realized it was a complete waste of time. During this experience, I received a directive from God to establish Rythmia, which was the most fulfilling and challenging thing I have ever done. It was my turning point and marked the start of my transition towards becoming a giver and a more beneficial presence on the planet. Every week, I witness guests leave Rythmia with a newfound sense of purpose. When I talk to them months and years later, I see how their experience here has transformed their lives, and it fills me with joy to see them adding service to humanity. My message today is never to abandon your dreams, regardless of what pop culture or anyone else says. Travel the road less taken and make a meaningful impact on the world with a beneficial presence.

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