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We're excited to bring you an exclusive interview with Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith, a world-renowned spiritual leader and the Founder and CEO of Agape International Spiritual Center, a trans-denominational spiritual community based in Los Angeles. Dr. Beckwith is not only celebrated for his teachings on the science of inner transformation but is also a founding board member of Rythmia, further deepening his commitment to spiritual growth and healing.

Dr. Beckwith integrates meditation, affirmative prayer, and his proprietary Life Visioning Process to help individuals realize their full potential. His dynamic presence has graced the stages of the UN General Assembly, TEDx Maui, and Oprah Winfrey Network's SuperSoul Sessions, among others. His commitment to spiritual, cultural, and racial inclusivity has inspired thousands worldwide, establishing him as a revered figure in global spiritual communities.

Join Dr. Beckwith at Rythmia from June 29 to July 6, 2024, as he leads guests through the "The Answer is You" workshop. In this transformative week, he will share his profound insights and guide participants through an immersive experience aimed at personal and collective transformation.

Here’s a glimpse into Dr. Beckwith’s journey with Rythmia and the powerful impact he anticipates for attendees.

Can you share the journey of your involvement with Rythmia, and what aspects of its evolution inspire you the most?

My journey with Rythmia began when it was just an idea in Gerry Powell’s mind. I had the privilege of working with Gerry when he was attending Agape International Spiritual Center while working on his sobriety with one of our ministers/counselors.  To watch the evolution of Rythmia from idea to fruition and beyond has been wonderful to behold. I’m inspired by the receptivity of the participants who come with such openness to their growth and unfoldment, and how all the elements offered such as the farm-to-table organic food, yoga, the amazing thought-leaders teaching my course, “The Answer Is You,” yoga, breath work, the plant medicine ceremonies, and more all work synergistically to create a safe and loving atmosphere for real transformation.

What aspect of returning as a Guest Speaker at Rythmia excites you the most?

I’m always deeply enthused at meeting folks who come for the first time, as well as the veterans who come with the beginner’s mind of first-timers.  I love teaching in that strong field of love and receptivity.

For someone new to the Rythmia Way program, what experiences should they anticipate during your upcoming week in June?

For the newcomer, I would suggest they put away living in expectations and instead live in total participation in everything that has been curated for their growth and transformation. With total participation, the outcome will exceed expectations and folks will live in what I call The Glad Surprise.

What key insights or lessons can participants expect from your "The Answer Is You" class?

The Answer Is You class provides a structural template for understanding what transformation is and how to navigate it. It also provides another safe space for bonding and having wonderful fellowship with others on the journey.

As the founder of Agape International Spiritual Center, you've significantly influenced the spiritual community and the broader world. Agape embodies the highest form of love—empathy, altruism, and a proactive stance toward the well-being of others. How do you see the Rythmia Way complementing your work and guiding participants toward this profound expression of divine love?

The Rythmia Way, with all of its modalities, has as an intention for folks to merge back with their Soul and to come into coherence with their Soul’s intention to be vessels of peace, love, joy, and compassion, and to contribute to the betterment of the world before they leave the planet so that ultimately, as they heal their inner wounds, the more apt they are to share the gifts they’ve been given. This aligns with Agape’s mission and connects us as vessels for birthing enlightened beings to create an enlightened world. 

Because The Rythmia way with all of its modalities have as an intention to have folks merge back with their Soul the result being that folks come into coherence with their Soul’s intention to be vessels of peace, love, joy, compassion and contribute to the betterment of the world before one leaves the planet. So ultimately as healing of the inner wounds happens, the gifts that one has to share are more apt to be given. Agape International and Rythmia are connected in the mission of birthing enlightened beings to create an enlightened world. 

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To delve deeper into the transformative journey offered at Rythmia and the visionaries behind its success, we invite you to watch Dr. Beckwith's enlightening podcast interview with Gerard Armond Powell. Gerard, the founder and CEO of Rythmia Life Advancement Center, shares his insights on the center's impact on spiritual awakening and personal transformation. Catch this compelling conversation on YouTube to explore a world of profound spiritual and personal growth.

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